Behavioral Training with Dr. Sally J. Foote

Behavioral Training with Dr. Sally J. Foote

Our furry friends provide us with love, affection – and occasionally, a challenge.

  • Need some guidance on potty training your new puppy?
  • Advice for maintaining a peaceful household with both pets and young children?
  • Want to know what your cat is trying to tell you?

Companions Animal Hospital has partnered with professional animal behavioralist Dr. Sally J. Foote to bring you resources. Dr. Foote’s goal is to create a less stressful care experience for all.

Sometimes, behavioral challenges extend beyond the scope of what is covered in a wellness exam. To truly understand and correct complex issues, expert assistance is required.

Free Pet Owner Resources

Need some assistance with common pet behavior problems? Download Dr. Foote’s advice with informative handouts that give real-world, tangible advice for coping with everyday issues.

  • 5 Rules for Keeping your Cat in the Box

Download PDF

  • Puppy Potty Handout Out the 5 Steps

Download PDF

  • Top 10 Ways to Blend a New Dog to the Family

Download PDF

  • Top 10 Ways to Introduce a New Cat

Download PDF

  • Top 10 Ways to Keep Children and Pets Safe Together

Download PDF

On-Demand Online Courses

If your questions need a bit more advice, Dr. Foote has designed easily downloadable courses that can be purchased and played on demand. Best of all, clients of Companions Animal Hospital receive a discount through our partnership!

Use code CAH20 when completing your purchase online via Dr. Foote’s link to receive 5% Off. And you’ll be on your way to a happier, calmer household.

Here are her most popular courses:

Housebound puppy socialization: If you’re hunkered down and social distancing, how do you help your new puppy get acclimatized to the world during this formative period? Dr. Foote gives you tips and tricks to develop a well-rounded family member.

5 simple rules for keeping your cat in the box: Learn the rules cats want us to follow to help them use their litterbox.

Big Bad Boom – How to reduce noise fears and calm your dog during storms, fireworks or other loud noises. Help your dog cope by creating a happy haven to escape noise and be calm.

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