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How much time does your pet spend outside?
Which wildlife is in your area? (Choose all that apply) *
 rabbits squirrels skunks raccoons deer none
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 Groomer Boarding Pet Shows Pet Stores None of the Above
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Does your pet hunt?*
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Is your pet on a preventative for controlling external parasites? (fleas and ticks) *
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Is your pet on a preventative for controlling internal parasites? (heartworm, roundworm, etc) *
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Has your pet been micro-chipped or tattooed? *
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Has your pet ever had professional dental care? *
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Do you understand the health benefits and life extending effects of providing proper dental care for *
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Do you trim your pet’s nails at home? *
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Would you like to learn how to trim your pet’s nails? *
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Check any of the following that are of concern to you regarding your pet’s behavior/health *
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 Excessive Barking House Training Soiling/Spraying inside Problems around children Shedding Anxiety Jumping Straying from home Itching/scratching Overly rambunctious Biting Clawing or digging Bad breath Destructive Behavior None of the Above
Which of the following are services that you might utilize: *
(Check all that apply)
 Lodging/boarding facility Referral rewards program Wellness plans Massage therapy Evening hours Grooming Day care Product trials
In an emergency where you can not be immediately contacted, you want Companions Animal Hospital to: *
 Provide CPR Do not resuscitate


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