The Importance of Dog Training

Does your dog come when you call him? Or does Fido ignore you unless he thinks you have a treat for him? Proper training is very important for our canine companions. In fact, making sure that your pooch knows and obeys basic doggy obedience commands is absolutely crucial! A St. Cloud, MN vet talks about dog training in this article.


Safety may very well be the number one reason training is so important for our canine pals. Teaching your pup basic doggy obedience commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down can help you keep him from approaching dangerous animals or areas, or running off if you drop his leash. Training can also help prevent unfriendly or even aggressive interactions between your pet and other pooches. Even the sweetest canine won’t always get along with other dogs!


Teaching your furry friend good doggy manners is very important! Proper training can help you keep Fido from jumping on guests, or lunging after other animals. This isn’t just an issue for big dogs: good petiquette is also very important for pint-sized pups. Little dogs can be quite bossy and boisterous! These little guys also have a tendency to run right into trouble.


You’ll enjoy Fido’s company much more if he is well-behaved and obedient. No matter how much you adore your four-legged buddy, if he is constantly hauling you down the sidewalk or ignoring your commands, you may find yourself getting frustrated with him. Teaching your pooch proper doggy manners will reduce the chances of friction between you and your canine friend, which will benefit both of you.


If you are just starting to train your dog, teach Fido one thing at a time, and don’t move on until your pet has that command mastered. We recommend using positive reinforcement, rather than punishment, when working with our furry pals. Dogs simply don’t understand the concept of punishment, so negative reinforcement can confuse, frighten, or even anger them. Instead, keep your adorable student interested and happy by using rewards, like compliments, ear scritches, and, of course, yummy treats. (Tip: use small snacks for training.) Ask your vet for more information.

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