Would Your Pet Benefit from Veterinary House Calls?

Have you ever considered scheduling a veterinary house call for your pet’s next appointment? Here at Companions Animal Hospital, your Sauk Rapids, MN vet clinic, we are happy to offer house calls as an option for some of our patients. Below, a local vet discusses house calls, and the pets that they help the most.

Skittish Pets

We know that some of our furry patients would much rather take a nap than visit us. We don’t take this personally: we know that Fluffy hates car rides, and that the presence and smells of other animals can be unsettling to our four-legged friends. And, while we do everything we can to keep pets comfortable, we understand that many of them would simply rather stay home. If your pet is extremely anxious, a house call may be a great choice for you.

Big Dogs

We love big dogs! However, getting a pooch that is larger than life from one place to another can be a bit challenging. Transporting bigger dogs can also be problematic for safety reasons. Pets are always safer traveling in crates, but, needless to say, breaking down and reassembling huge crates can be a lot of work in and of itself. House calls can be a great option for big dogs.

Senior Pets

Just like people, pets often get stiff and sore as they age. For instance, senior pooches often have trouble getting in and out of cars, while older kitties don’t always enjoy being picked up. Pets that are in their golden years may be more comfortable staying home, where their napping schedule will be only briefly interrupted.

Multiple Pets

If you have more than one pet, you may have to manage multiple carriers at once, or book separate appointments, to get their veterinary care needs seen to. House calls allow you to have all your furry buddies seen at once, without having to worry about transporting them. (For people with multiple cats, you also get the added benefit of not being subjected to Fluffy and Mittens’ car ride singalong.)


House calls are not suitable for every pet. For certain appointments–and, of course, emergency visits—you’ll still need to visit the office. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Sauk Rapids, MN pet hospital, for more information on veterinary house calls. We’re here to help!

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